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63 Years old
0.00 miles away.
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     KeithB's Details
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Zodiac Sign:scorpio

     KeithB's Interests
I am here for:A cross-section of people. I would like to hear from people of all types as I feel I have been too caught up in myself for a while now. It would be interesting to hear from people all over the world and around the corner just to know how life is for you and your opinions on what you see.
Interests:Photography, reading, drawing, painting, exploring the UK by car, foot and bike. Walking, especially the New Forest, Dartmoor and the north west highlands of Scotland. I enjoy history and am slowly putting together the story of a nearby estate from the Iron Age onwards - when I get time! I study business and success principles in my spare time. I enjoy watching most sports but not enough (I hope) to be a bore in one area. For relaxation I find gardening and home improvements (nothing ambitious) good
Movies:Swordfish, Spider, Wit, all the 'Carry On' films, all the 'Doctor' films, all Peter Sellers' films (especially the Pink Panther films), Johnny English, The Plank, all James Bond films, Whatever Happened to Harold Smith, Keeping Mum, Love Actually, Notting Hill, Gladiator, Kingdom of Heaven, King Arthur, all Ealing comedies, Dads Army, Are You Being Served and all the spin offs from TV comedy of that time, the Matrix trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Up and Under, Brassed Off, Wimbledon, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Mask, Sixth Sense, Firefox, The Gathering Storm, Unbreakable, all the 'Airport' and 'Naked Gun' films. I also like many of the older films such as Designing Woman, How to Marry a Millionaire, Some Like It Hot, Rear Window, North By North West, Casablanca, African Queen and any by Doris Day or Arthur Askey. Light musicals are good: The Sound of Music, Chitty Bang Bang, Mary Poppins, Oliver! and so forth are fun.
Television:My television is not connected, I instead prefer the radio, DVDs and videos or a CD. However, I do miss Top Gear, the Michael Palin travel programmes, any documentary on history or British heritage, most of the classic comedies from the 70's and 80's, especially Dads Army, Are You Being served, Benny Hill, any Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, Docter Who, sports events, Frasier. A good thriller goes down well, too. Murder She Wrote or Diagnosis murder used to be good for relaxation or even Midsomer Murders.
Books:Most self-help books, biographies of successful people and a good well-researched thriller wouldn't come amiss. Included are anything by James Allen, Michael Jecks, Simon Weston, Winston Churchill or Frederick Forsythe.
Heroes:Winston Churchill, James Allen, Edward Elgar, George Wake (you don't know who he was but he lived on the estate I am gradually researching), Michael Faraday, Simon Weston, Morris Goodman, Andrew Carnegie, Jerry Scriven, my parents, my grandfathers.

Generic Questionaire
Marital Status? Single
Have Children? No
Employment Status? Full-Time
Occupation? Administrative
Education? Associates Degree
Annual Salary? <$30,000
My Native Tongue Is? English
My Second Language is? German
Political Views? Middle Of The Road
Sense of Humor? English
Interested In? Listening to Music , Hiking , Exploring New Things , Playing Music , Money Making Opportunities , My Family & Friends , Photography , Computers / Internet , Gardening , Cars / Trucks , Going to the Movies , Reading , Local Travel , National Travel , International Travel , Gaming , Chatting Online
Friends Describe Me As? Cheerful and Easygoing
Favorite Type of Movies? B Movies , Family , Action / Adventure , Classics , Documentary , Musicals , Science Fiction , Comedy , Drama , Mystery , Western
I Drive A? Compact
My Biggest Pet Peeve? Using cell phones in Restaurants , Using cell phones in Theatres , Bad Drivers , Telemarketers , Unsolicited Advice
Favorite Genres of Music? Classical , Disco , Funk , New Age , Country , Folk / Traditional , Jazz , Opera , Ragtime , Rock , Pop , Heavy Rock

What is your tv watching habits? never watch tv
What is your favorite genre? comedy
what is your favorite color? red
favorte things? all nature

Physical Description
Ethnicity? Other
Body Type? A Few Extra Pounds
Height? 6\'01
Hair Color? Brown
Eye Color? Blue
Body Art? No

What industry do you work in?? Manufacturing / Distribution
Employment Status? Full Time
Education? College Diploma
Annual Salary? Less then $30,000

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Welcome to my profile!

I like to know what you think, what you want

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   About KeithB
Hello. My name is Keith.I live in the New Forest in Hampshire. I love life and really wish I had more time for the important things. I don't, for example, spend enough time around friends - some I have known for a long time. I am nosey and like to find out about everything and still have a childish curiousity. Humour is important to me. Not the rough, in-your-face coarse stuff you get too often but subtle word play and satire. My humour is in line with Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper, the Two Ronnies, Carry On and so on. I do enjoy socialising when I can and am 100% teetotal which I frequently find an advantage. I consider myself a common sense environmentalist, concerned about the proposed level of (unnecessary, in my opinion) house building scheduled around the country for example, but am still an avid car driver, having a passion for TVR sports cars. The two stances are not mutually exclusive in my view. I support local food suppliers and have stopped shopping at large supermarkets. Giving is important to me and I support a number of charities including the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, the Wildlife Trusts, Salvation Army, National Trust, English Heritage, Brathay Exploration Group, MonkeyWorld in Dorset, and I sponsor a child in India with World Vision. I would like to be able to give more, both of time and money. It is not a big deal, but I do 'suffer' from Ankylosing Spondylitis in my spine which can be a nuisance sometimes. In my career, I have had extensive experience with several businesses and gained a post-graduate Marketing qualification. In my spare time I have worked in direct selling and am running a business now. As a result of my experience, I am a great supporter of the concept of network marketing. I can go on too much about my opinions, including politics, and am attempting to shut up and listen more! So I will now.

   KeithB's Music
Wide-ranging and often changing - most 1980's music, Madonna, Anastasia, Mark Knoppfler and Dire Straits, Amy Winehouse, Sarah Brightman, Enya, Pet Shop Boys, U2, Queen, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Kate Bush, The Wurzels, Maire Brennan, Loreena McKennitt, Jules Holland, Sting and the Police, Fleetwood Mac, Infernal, DJ Sammy, Billy Joel, Laura Brannigan, Toy Dolls. At home I tend to have Classic FM on and enjoy most classical music including Carl Jenkins, Katherine Jenkins, Beethoven, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Handel, Bach and especially Edward Elgar. I regularly get told off for playing my collection of 'Naff Classics' cheesy and comedy tracks!

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