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53 Years old
0.00 miles away.
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     roaine's Details
Zodiac Sign:capricorn

     roaine's Interests
I am here for:friends...nice people.
Interests:reading.listening to music.watching movies...playing video games.egypt.
Movies:asian horror. american slashers...dark humour comedy... fairy tales... some my favorites are... suicide club, battle royale, kamikaze girls,cello,alice in wonderland.anything by dario argento or hayao miyazaki...
Television:love hina,six feet under,dark shadows,history channel. but i rarely watch tv.i watch movies mostly.
Books:carlos castanada,anne rice,poppy z brite... harry potter series lovecraft...tanith lee .... different religions.philosophy.. history..etc
Heroes:kate bush of parents, my friends,jello biafra,gackt, kami,mana sama,tori amos,starlit..simara rose.

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Welcome to my profile!

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   About roaine
i have 4 very loving and demanding cats that i adore..i work retail full time. and i am a vegetarian.

   roaine's Music
j-rock,classical,rock,pretty much anything but i dont like gangsta favorites are malice mizer.alice nine. miyavi,gackt,moi dix mois,april march,sinead,cat stevens,beethoven,sting,melanie,claudine,blondie, tori amos,mazzy starr,rob zombie,bauhaus,screw.birthday massacre,suicide ali,blood,....for most of my life a fan of kate bush..

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Date 10/12/07 01:14


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malice mizer - sans retour voyage

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